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Ninja Training Centre

Kung Zhu Ninja Training Centre - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Training Centre Ninja

Kung Zhu Hamsters Training Centre NinjaTrain your mini martial arts masters to become titans of stealth and strength with the Kung Zhu Hamsters Ninja Training Centre. By the time they’ve got to grips with this tough coaching tool, they’ll be unstoppable in the Battle Arena.

This is the place where Ninjas become Ninja Warriors! Yama loves it as he gets to push his legendary strength to the limit! Specially created with the needs of the Ninjas in mind, this particular obstacle course isn’t about dodging bullets and breaking through brick walls. The hamsters must hone their speed, strength and mental agility to complete the challenge.

Along the way, they’re faced with a fire pit featuring a sea of hot coals. Not to mention a couple of little booby traps that pop up when they’re least expecting it! And just when you think they’ve reached the finish line, the hamsters have to face 2 stone pillars before they’re allowed to revel in the glory of victory!

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Suitable for children aged 4 and up, the Kung Zhu Training Centre Ninja is available at around £14.99.