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Spider Skull

Kung Zhu Spider Skull - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Spider Skull

Kung Zhu Hamsters Spider SkullDesigned with the Ninja Hamsters in mind, Spider Skull allows the martial arts masters to move around stealthily. Get Azer, Drayko, Thorn, or Yama to their destination of choice at top speed. Unless of course you encounter a Special Forces vehicle along the way!

If that’s the case, your Kung Zhu Ninja Hamster will give as good as he gets with Spider Skull. Role playing could go on for hours as you can use this ingenious, skull-shaped tank in all sorts of different situations. Surprise the Special Forces with Spider Skull’s outstanding feature - the moving manibles!

And if that doesn’t bring them down, there’s always the missile systems mounted on both sides of the vehicle. Spider Skull also has 2 machine guns in front, just in case all else fails. It’s unlikely. This high-tech vehicle has all the technology and weaponry your Ninja Hamsters need to emerge victorious from a battle scenario.
In red, black and white, Spider Skull is a pretty intimidating sight to behold. Strike fear into the hearts of the Special Forces Hamsters and have them running for the hills!

There’s room inside for one hamster, which is available separately.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, the Kung Zhu Hamsters Spider Skull is available for around £9.99.