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Kung Zhu Hamster Jammer - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters Jammer

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters Jammer A brand new fighting furball has just reported for duty! Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters have recruited Jammer to their team of rough and tough soldiers. Very keen to earn his stripes in the battle arena, this little guy is ready for anything.

Thanks to his bright blue fur and unusual markings, Jammer cuts a pretty cool figure. His bright blue fur and white skull birthmark make him impossible to miss. Add that white eye mask into the mix and you’ve got a Kung Zhu Pet who is more distinctive than most.

Interactive and always on the move, Jammer has a unique personality and set of phrases. Once he’s in battle armour and ready for training, his wild fighting style is unleashed.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).

Suitable for ages 4 and up, Kung Zhu Hamster Jammer is available at around £9.99