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Thunderstrike Armour

Kung Zhu Special Forces Thunderstrike Armour - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour Thunderstrike

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour ThunderstrikeTo be the best in the Battle Arena, each Special Forces Hamster needs his rough and tough armour! Make sure your budding warriors emerge as victors from the ultimate combat event by giving them the tools they need to do the job.

Thunderstrike is a set of armour designed with Special Forces leader Rivet in mind. This dark green, heavyweight armour brings out his particular personality traits and combat strengths, and protects him from enemy attacks. Clip it on and watch as Rivet becomes a master of demolition and explosion!

Send him out in the dead of night, he’ll be fine thanks to the armour’s night vision feature. He’s also well equipped for battle thanks to the power cannons strapped to both sides. When it comes to fire power and protection, Rivet has all bases covered! He’s never far away from the other Special Forces Hamsters. His state-of-the-art radio allows him to stay in contact at all times.

There’s a secret ingredient that unleashes the power of the Kung Zhu Hamsters, and you can only get it with the armour. Each armour set comes with a Tablet of Zhu, which brings out the different personalities of the Kung Zhu Hamsters.
*Kung Zhu Hamster are available separately.

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Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Special Forces Armour - Thunderstrike is available at around £7.99.