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Night Raid Armour

Kung Zhu Special Forces Night Raid Armour - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour Night Raid

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour Night RaidThe Special Forces Hamsters need more than bravado to get them ahead in the Battle Arena! Once a hamster is dressed in his special armour, he’s transformed into the baddest hamster in the Zhu-Niverse! Make sure all your Kung Zhu Pets are fully protected and armed for the ultimate hamster fight.

The Night Raid armour is crazy Stonewall’s first choice when it comes to getting suited up and ready for battle. In brilliant blue with special night raid weapons to keep Stonewall safe in the face of danger, this set of armour has a futuristic look and feel. Use the blades for close contact combat, or fire from afar with the laser canons mounted on top.

It’s lightweight and fits his head like a helmet with spaces for his ears to poke through so he can hear enemies approaching. It clips on easily and remains in place until you decide to take it off. Night Raid is perfect for Stonewall, a real daredevil for whom no mission is too mad!

There’s a secret ingredient that unleashes the power of the Zhu Zhu Hamsters, and you can only get it with the armour. Each armour set comes with a Tablet of Zhu, which brings out the different personalities of the Kung Zhu Hamsters.
*Kung Zhu Hamster is available separately.

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Suitable for children aged 4 and up, the Kung Zhu Special Forces Armour – Night Raid is available at around £7.99.