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Ambush Armour

Kung Zhu Special Forces Ambush Armour - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour Ambush

Kung Zhu Hamsters Special Forces Armour AmbushThe Special Forces Hamsters have their own special sets of armour which bring out their unique strengths and qualities. They’re a bit different from the Ninja armour sets, and each is designed with a specific Kung Zhu Hamster in mind.

The Kung Zhu Hamsters Ambush Armour set brings out the best in Special Forces Hamster Sergeant Serge. It’s in camouflage green to match his fur, and has the look and feel of a real combat helmet. Ambush clips easily on to Serge and remains secure in the Battle Arena. It’s sturdy and has a little visor for eye protection in the event of an explosion on an attack mission.

The machine guns mounted on both sides of the armour allow Serge to take the enemy by force using the element of surprise! It’s heavy, but will keep Serge safe in the heat of battle. He’s also got a little radio so he can communicate with the other Special Forces Hamsters. Particularly Rock-O, who’s a genius when it comes to communication and technology.

There’s a secret ingredient that unleashes the power of the Kung Zhu Hamsters, and you can only get it with the armour. Each armour set comes with a Tablet of Zhu, which unleashes the different personalities of the Kung Zhu Hamsters.
*Kung Zhu Hamster is available separately.

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Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Special Forces Ambush Armour is available at around £7.99.