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Rhino Tank

Kung Zhu Rhino Tank - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Rhino Tank

Kung Zhu Hamsters Rhino TankKeep the Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters safe in the battle zone with this super-powered tank. Big and bold with enough firepower to repel any opponent, the Kung Zhu Hamsters Rhino Tank just ploughs right through the Zhu-Niverse. Nothing stands between the Special Forces and their target!

Expect maybe the Ninja Hamsters. If you want to stage a battle between two armoured vehicles, Rhino Tank is an excellent choice. There’s not much that can match this rough and tough tank on the firepower front. It’s huge machine guns mounted on either side spell disaster for foes, and there’s a precision laser cannon on top to ensure a direct hit first time.

Rhino Tank fits one Kung Zhu Hamster, who is fully protected by the reinforced armour and transparent wind shield. Like all tanks, Rhino doesn’t exactly roar ahead at full speed, but when it comes to weaponry and protection, this is one tough customer! If you want a sturdy toy, this is wise choice.
*Kung Zhu Hamster is available separately.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, the Kung Zhu Rhino Tank is available at around £9.99.