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Dark Jonin Armour

Kung Zhu Dark Jonin Armour - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Hamsters Ninja Warrior Armour Dark Jonin

Kung Zhu Hamsters Ninja Warrior Armour Dark JoninUse the Ninja Hamsters’ special armour to protect them in the Battle Arena and take their special combat skills to new levels!

Kung Zhu Hamster Azer uses Dark Jonin armour, which perfectly complements his skills of speed and stealth. Dark Jonin is the best armour in terms of weight, and allows Azer to move around the Battle Arena faster than a speeding bullet. It’s jet black for cover in the darkest of conditions, and comes with two chunky Samurai swords on either side! These are Azer’s weapons of choice, and he uses them to amazing effect.

Azer is protected by a wide strap that runs across his face and neck. His Dark Jonin armour clips on easily and stays secure in the Battle Arena. Determined, dangerous, and deadly, Azer will do whatever he has to in order to create chaos in the Zhu-Niverse and achieve superiority for his Skull Clan.*Kung Zhu Hamster is available separately.

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Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Ninja Warrior Armour – Dark Jonin is available at around £7.99.