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Kung Zhu Hamsters Playsets

Below you can browse the Kung Zhu Hamster Playsets, including bases, training centres, the wheel of fire and battle arena. At present there are a total of eight different playsets available including both Special Forces & Nija Warrior playsets.


Base Playstations Ninja Warrior Dojo

Everything that takes place here is top-secret! Ninja Hamsters must be turned into warriors, and their training starts in the red and black Ninja Warrior Dojo base.
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Base Playstations Special Forces HQ

Train the Special Forces Hamsters for combat, and start their journey in the Kung Zhu World with the green and grey Special Forces Headquarters base.
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Battle Arena

This is where the Special Forces & Ninja Warrior Hamsters battle against each other until one is vanquished. The Battle Arena is the must have playset for your Kung Zhu Hamster collection.
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Alpha Training

Training Centre Alpha

In the Alpha Training Centre playset Special Forces Hamsters have to dodge the barbed wire, break through the special training wall, and speed over a platform of fire.
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Bravo Training

Training Centre Bravo

The Bravo Training Centre will test the Special Forces Hamsters to the limit. Only after they have mastered all of the obsacles in the Bravo training centre, will they be ready to fight.
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Ninja Training

Training Centre Ninja

The Nija Warrior Hamsters can hone their speed, strength and mental agility in the Nija Training Centre. It's the perfect place for Azer, Drayko, Thorn and Yamza to develop their skills.
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Samurai Training

Training Centre Samurai

Once the Ninja Hamsters have mastered the Ninja Training Centre they will be ready for the Samurai Training Centre which includes a log bridge and log bridge.
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Wheel Of Fire

This wheel allows both the Special Forces & Ninja Warrior Hamsters to work on their speed and endurance. It also comes with a tunnel which allows it to be conected to the other playsets in the range.
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