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Kung Zhu Hamsters

Below you browse the Kung Zhu Hamsters range, which to date, includes 4 Special Forces, 4 Samurai and 4 Ninja Warrior Hamsters. Each has their own unique personalities and phrases. They take 2 x AAA batteries.

Cold Space

Cold Space - Ninja

Like all ninjas, Cold Space takes his training seriously and is always looking for ways to improve his fighting technique. His dark grey and white fur might be pretty normal but his electric blue and white Mohican is pretty wild!
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Dogmar - Ninja

His sleek, jet black fur and rising sun birthmark gave him the traditional ninja appearance. What really makes Dogmar distinctive is the cool skull design on his head.
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IO - Special Forces

IO is a master of camouflage who can move through natural terrain completely undetected. It’s all down to his khaki green fur and brown markings.
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Jammer - Special Forces

Jammer cuts a pretty cool figure. His bright blue fur and white skull birthmark make him impossible to miss. Super keen to earn his stripes in the battle arena, this little guy is ready for anything.
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Goslar - Samurai

You certainly won’t miss Goslar in a crowd of Kung Zhu Hamsters. His dark grey fur is set off by bright yellow feet, ears and mouth. He’s a rough and tough furball and has his fair share of war wounds.
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KZ - Samurai

Check out the first female fighter to hit the Zhuniverse! Kung Zhu Samurai Hamster KZ cuts an impressive figure. Her midnight blue fur is set off by lighter blue feet, ears and head.
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SiegeW5 - Samurai

Are you ready for one of the coolest and fiercest hamsters to hit the Zhuniverse? SiegeW5 demands attention with his snow white fur, grey feet and scary war paint.
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Sphinx - Samurai

Sphinx is a cool customer who never loses his head in the battle arena. Check out his plush grey fur and bright blue feet. This Samurai master means business!
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Azer - Ninja

Azer loves the Spider Skull vehicle and his armour of choice is Dark Jonin. He created the skull clan, and so far only has one other member - Thorn, and the two of them will stop at nothing to bring about the worlds not so happy day.
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Drayko - Ninja

Drayko is a fast learner of the ancient art of stealth, and he still has a lot of power to tap inside. This black hamster's vehicle of choice is the Spider Skull, and Shadow Jonin is his armour of choice.
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Thorn - Ninja

Nobody knows where Thorn came from, or what he wants. He truly is zhu-vil. He’s rough, tough and isn't afraid to cheat. Blizzard Jenin is his armour of choice, and he likes the Scorpion Tank vehicle.
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Yama - Ninja

Yama is the best friend of Drayko, and well never leave his side. Some might say he’s too loyal. This black and white hamster likes the Fire Chunin armour and Scorpion Tank vehicle.
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Rivet - Special Forces

Rivit is the master of demolitions and leader of the special forces, he loves a good explosion! His preferred armour is Thunderstrike, and his preferred vehicle is the Rhino Tank.
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Armed Forces Tank

Rock'o - Special Forces

Rocko's favorite armour is Dune Tracker, and his favorite vehicle is the Rhino Tank. Some call him noodle because he has the biggest brains in the bunch. Rock-O is in charge of communications and technology.
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Sergeant Serge - Special Forces

Sgt wants nothing more than a great day for everyone, and if that great day doesn't happen, then by golly, he’ll know the reason why. His armour of choice is Ambush and his vehicle of choice is Buzzsaw.
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Stonewall - Special Forces

Stonewall is loud, crazy, and no one really knows what he’s saying. If there’s a fight, just point him in the right direction. His preferred vehicle is Buzsaw, and his preferred armour is Night Raid.
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