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Kung Zhu Hamsters Armour

Below you can browse all the different Kung Zhu Hamster Armour available, including both Special Forces & Ninja armour sets. Each armour set includes a tablet of Zhu that's turns your Hamster into the ultimate Kung Zhu warrior.

Blizzard Jenin

Ninja Warrior Armour - Blizzard Jenin

Blizzard Jenin is Thorn’s armour of choice. It's blue face strap gives him plenty of protection. Thorn can also strike with deadly force using the 2 side mounted trident swords.
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Dark Jonin

Ninja Warrior Armour - Dark Jonin

Dark Jonin is Azer's favourite armour, it perfectly complements his skills of stealth and speed. It comes with two chunky Samurai swords on either side, which Azer uses to amazing effect.
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Fire Chunin

Ninja Warrior Armour - Fire Chunin

Fire Chunin brings out Yama’s impressive strength. Fire Chunin features a sword and the Boar’s Head, an ancient Dragon Clan war hammer which only Yama has mastered the skill of wielding.
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Shadow Jonin

Ninja Warrior Armour - Shadow Jonin

Shadow Jonin is best suited to Drayko and his special strengths. With a long sword on one side, and three sets of sharp shruikens on the other, Drayko is a formidable Dragon Clan commander.
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Special Forces Armour - Ambush

The Ambush Armour set brings out the best in Special Forces Hamster Sergeant Serge. It’s painted in camouflage green to match his fur, and has side mounted machine guns.
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Dune Tracker

Special Forces Armour - Dune Tracker

Rock'o loves his Dune Tracker armour as it’s ideal for keeping track of every single movement in the Battle Arena. It's yellow colour scheme provides camouflage in the desert.
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Night Raid

Special Forces Armour - Night Raid

The Night Raid armour set is crazy Stonewall’s first choice when it comes to getting suited up and ready for battle. Use the blades for close contact combat, or fire from afar with the laser canons mounted on top.
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Special Forces Armour - Thunderstrike

Thunderstrike is a set of armour designed with Special Forces leader Rivet in mind. It has power cannons strapped to both sides and it's night vision feature will aid Rivet in the dark.
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