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Battle Walker Red

Kung Zhu Battle Walker Red - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Juggernaut Battle Walker Red

Juggernaut Battle Walker RedGive your fighting furballs the upper hand with the awesome Kung Zhu Juggernaut Battle Walker Red. One of the newest and coolest battle vehicles in the Zhuniverse, this monster of a machine will destroy anything in its path!

A cross between a truck and a spaceship, this awesome battle vehicle towers above the enemy on its sturdy legs. There’s room for one Kung Zhu Hamster inside the cockpit.

The Red Juggernaut Battle Walker is equipped with some serious firepower. If an enemy attacks, just blow him to smithereens with your guns! Show opponents you mean business with the two massive cannons on the side. Or get the really big guns out and launch your missiles. You’ve also got two smaller guns on the front of the cockpit.

Suitable for ages 4 and up, The Kung Zhu Juggernaut Battle Walker is available for around £19.99